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Screen Shot: Depiction

Depiction is an original game from MFP which I am very proud of.  As of now only the demo is complete, which includes level one.  Level two is nearing completion but it still needs much work.

Depiction: The Making Of

I had actually had a dream where I was lost on an abandoned island were I fought monsters and retrieved puzzle pieces.  I then awoke and got straight to work!  lol!  The basic story line for this game is that you, the player, is stranded on an abandoned island and need to find a way off.  But, the you come across some strange creatures that are really quite freaky and obsured.  The hero (you) travels through many perils and adventures until he fulfils his destiny. 

As you can see in the picture to the right, there is many weapons you can use.  In level one though you're confined to only two weapons:  your fist and possibly if you find it, a sword.

Screen Shot: Depiction

If you need any assistance simple e-mail or IM me at and I'll be glad to help you out!

Screen Shot: Depiction

The boss battles are pretty simple.  There is a live bar for each of you and then you shall fight to the death.  Sounds fun! lol