My Favorite Links

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Middle Finger Productions   These are just some sites that I go to alot.

My Favorite Sites:

Jaguar Electronics

This is one of my buddies websites.  He's got some good stuff on here too, but still not as good as mine! lol!

S3 Project

This is one of my first websites ever but never the less it still kicks ass! 

eBaum's World

This is a site that I go to every chance I get!  It has some of the funniest videos you'll ever see on the web!


This is one of my buddies Sonic the Hedgehog sites.  It's pretty cool for a Sonic site.  And Sonic is nothing compared to Knuckles!  Long Live Knuckles!


If you ever need any cheats, walkthroughs, or codes on any game for any system, this is the site to check out.  The have almost any code for any game for any system!